Frosted and Privacy Window Films

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  • Most architects and designers utilise glass throughout the workplace – not just for the outside of a building, but also for the internal partitions.

    Unfortunately, whilst the desire is to create a light and open atmosphere, sometimes the side effect is to leave people feeling far too visible, or to remove privacy from certain parts of the office that need it.

    This can not only affect your staff but also have an impact on security within your organisation.

    Privacy Window Films Let Light Through but allow a degree of privacy depending on the degree of opaqueness of the privacy film.

    The solution is Frosted and Privacy Window Films

    Frosted and Privacy Window Films allow you to keep the benefit of windows and glass partitions by allowing natural light to enter, so the room won’t feel gloomy or oppressive, but won’t expose the contents and people inside for everyone to see.

    Plenty of Choice

    Privacy window films are available from totally opaque tints to subtle etched effects with high light transmission.

    • Opal Frost privacy window film.
    • Matt Frost privacy window film.
    • Silver Etch privacy window film.
    • Crystal Etch privacy window film.

    Privacy, Security – and design possibilities too

    As well as creating seclusion, hiding curtain walling and smartening up glazed partition areas, they can also be used to create dramatic, modern effects in waiting rooms, offices and lobbies.

    Reflective window films can also be used to create privacy. However privacy is only achieved wherever the outside light is greater than the inside light.

  • Frosted and Privacy Window Films Frosted and Privacy Window FilmsFrosted and Privacy Window Films

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    Crystal EtchSilver EtchOpal FrostMatt Frost

anti graffiti film

 Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Anti-graffiti window film acts as a sacrificial barrier to protect glass from scratching and general abuse; that can easily be removed and replaced without the need to replace the more expensive glass itself.

These films are currently being fitted extensively to most of Transport for London (TFL) public service vehicles.

Another benefit of this type of safety and security window film protection is that it will prevent ‘Smash & Grab’ robberies!

Safety & Security Films

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge and Experience

It’s not always easy to identify the right film to use, depending on the type of windows used in your building. We are specialists in frosted and privacy window films installations and can walk you through the different products available, so that you can make an informed choice that will meet all your requirements.

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